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Monfort Heights / White Oak Community Association

Survey of Board Members and Chairs

I am trying to figure out where we are going as an organization.
Please fill out the following information.
From this information I may schedule a meeting prior to our next official meeting on 9/12/12
Thank you for your help.
Jim Kummer

Name (optional)
In your opinion, what is the main purpose of the org.?
2nd. important purpose?
3rd important purpose?
How can we increase individual memberships?
How can we increase business memberships?
How can we increase our meeting attendance?
Why do the "Usual's" attend?
Why do "non-usual's" attend?
Considering who usually attends our meetings, what do you think this indicates?
Is beautification important to our members?
Should we consider having just 5 meetings and why? (Ex: Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May)
What content is essential for the newsletter?

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